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Children's Yoga

Imitation is the first instinct of the awakening mind.


~Maria Montessori

Why Children’s Yoga?


The benefits to children that practice yoga are numerous and long lasting! Yoga is not only great exercise but also gives children the tools they need to learn how to treat themselves and their bodies with respect and kindness.  The better we take care of our bodies, the better they will be to us!  Children learn about the importance of breath to energize and to calm both the body and mind.  Recent studies indicate that children who practice yoga are better able to regulate their emotions, manage stress, and calm themselves.  Through yoga they can develop concentration, focus, flexibility, and coordination.  Many of our activities help to strengthen the right and left brain connection, as well.  Most importantly, yoga helps children to view themselves with kindness and compassion.  It encourages self confidence, boosting self-esteem, while engaging their imaginations.


Come play with us, learning yoga through song, movement, poses, and imagination.  We will learn different ways to use our breath as well; to give us energy, create focus, calm us down when we’re upset or nervous, or help us feel peaceful.    

Yoga works by engaging the whole body and mind, providing activities that incorporate learning styles such as visual, kinesthetic, musical, intuitive, and naturalist (the awareness of one's personal environment and interaction with nature).  By providing students with inner resources--such as calming, centering, and self acceptance--yoga helps them feel connected and whole.


~Kristin Henningsen

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