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Ayurvedic Treatments

My Ayurvedic Services have been paused for the time being while I find the perfect place to offer this powerfully restorative work. I will update the site as soon as these services are available again. Thank you for your interest in these therapeutic treatments!

Ayurvedic Treatments

Tips for Treatment:


-wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a headcovering, such as a bandana or hat (that you don't mind getting oily)

-eat lightly before treatment

-avoid abhyanga during menstration



A full body treatment where warm oil is applied to the body. Gentle pressure with strokes away from the heart are used to move lymph and improve circulation. This aids in the removal of toxins, nourishes the skin, and activates the body’s healing systems.


Positive Effects of Abhyanga Include:

-Greatly diminishes the aging process, increasing longevity and the sturdiness of the body

-Reduces and helps to overcome fatigue

-Promotes better eyesight

-Nourishes the body

-Nurtures the nervous system; aiding in the improvement of its afflictions and preventing additional illness

-Improves sleep and can help with insomnia


A gentle stream of warm herbalized oil is continuously poured onto the forehead from a copper vessel.  Shirodhara deeply stills the nervous system, quieting the mind, while increasing and improving cerebral circulation.  It integrates brain function and creates brain wave coherence.  After this occurs, energy, oxygen and nutrients can flow more freely to the brain.


Other Positive Effects of Regular Shirodhara Include:

-Improves memory

-Nourishes hair and scalp

-Treats insomnia; promotes sound sleep

-Calms body, mind, and spirit

-Activates pituitary and pineal glands, as well as the hypothalamus, which regulates all the body’s hormones

-Opens the 3rd eye (6th Chakra), increasing spiritual awareness.

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